Friends First Knit – A Simple Scarf Pattern

Come Join Us, Everyone is welcome!!

We created a casual virtual environment for everyone to find enjoyment in during this time. A series of videos on IGTV and YouTube. We hope
you like it!

The Friends First Knit is an easy relaxing scarf pattern that calls for 1
skein of fingering weight yarn and scrap yarn. This knit is great for anyone who wants to get creative and play with color. By holding two yarns together, hold your main color the entire time and switch the second color (mini skeins) as you please. We found alternating light and dark with the scrap yarn or mini skeins gives a fun look.

Plenty of us have been stash diving over the last few days so we are hoping you can find something right in your home. If not, support your local yarn shop and see if they are offering shipping options or curbside pickup. We are offering to Drop Ship orders directly to your home, just place your order with your LYS.

We posted the virtual pattern on our IGTV, so you can knit along with us. There is also a shorter clip titled “Come Knit With Us” that focuses on the pattern. We have the videos posted below.

Becca, previously a crocheter, decided she wants to learn to knit. Mira,
the hand dyer and founder of Baah, is teaching her! Watch her journey,
and knit along with them.

The full series will be available on IGTV and YouTube. (See below)

We hope this helps keep your mind at ease 🙂



Learn How to Cast On Your Knitting Project!
Mira Showing Becca How to Cast on For Her First Time… The Struggle is real!
The Knit Stitch – Beginner Version
Pattern Overview (More experience with the edging)
Becca Nailed The Garter Stitch!
Binding Off